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Kenashi Africa Expeditors Co. Limited understands that every task it
undertakes presents unique challenges and opportunities, whether it
involves logistics, warehousing, distribution, transportation, or personal
relationships with customers in today’s difficult, volatile, and uncertain

As a group, KENASHI has extensive knowledge of various countries and
has been successful in logistics, warehousing, distribution, transportation,
and consultancy services in various warehousing systems. We also offer
personalized services in various fields, such as documentation, mail
service, contingent labor, and in-plant operations to handle the entire
end-to-end process, tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

At Kenashi Africa Expeditors Co. Limited, we help our clients improve their
competitiveness by customizing our experience in outsourced value
chain management. Our extensive capabilities range from warehousing
to SAP consultancy, including all logistics services in between.

As a result, Kenashi Africa Expeditors Co. Limited is the only company
that can transport materials and products from their original source to
the end-consumer point of sale, providing an integrated, end-to-end
value proposition. Our agility makes us the ideal partner to grow your
business, and our distributor capabilities, combined with order-to-cash
and merchandising expertise, are strengthened by brand activation
and promotion capabilities to offer demand-driven route-to-market
solutions to leading consumer brand owners.

Our focus on “feet on the ground” enables us to add significant value to
our clients’ brands while contributing to employment creation, training,
and skills development across Kenya and East Africa.






We offer the supply of transport and related logistical services, contingent labor, and
consultancy services for warehousing WM and IM in the Kenya market. Additionally, we
provide cross-border logistics services to Kenya, Uganda,Rwanda Tanzania, Zambia,
Malawi,south Africa, Mozambique, Mauritius, Botswana, Lesotho,Congo, Ethiopia,
Namibia,South Sudan, Egypt and Madagascar.

Service Offering
Kenashi Africa Expeditors Co. Limited provides services to customers who require the
transportation of large volume cargo under contractual agreements..

1. Oversized and Heavy Freight Transportation

2. Factory and Industry Equipment Relocation

3. Special Freight Transportation

4. Provision of Contingent labor services.

5. Clearing and forwarding services

6. Consultancy services in Warehousing
and Logistics

7. Provision of transportation services including Rear tippers, Flat deck trailers, Drop sided trucks,
Refrigerated trucks, Box body trucks and canters.

8. Cross border services are on offer to key industries that import or export to and from Kenya
within the agriculture and Manufacturing industries



• Customer focus
• Extensive knowledge and industry experience
• Expertise in SAP system
• Strict safety measures
• Expert training for operators and driver


Kenashi Africa Expeditors Co. Limited is
an experienced partner in project cargo
logistics, specializing in international
projects transported by air, sea, and land,
as well as specialized lifts and handling
of oversized, out-of-gauge, and heavy lift
cargo. We have successfully undertaken
various projects, safely and securely
transporting both normal and out-of-gauge cargo on time. 

Our experience includes industrial projects, infrastructure projects, and major energy project logistics, such as hydropower projects, road construction, dam construction, development of oil pipelines,water projects, and energy projects.

Kenashi Africa Expeditors Co. Limited,
we have a team of trained personnel

with extensive experience in dealing with various classes of dangerous goods, including explosives.

We are your project specialists and will work closely with you to ensure your project’s success. You can rely on our dedicated and highly professional team to follow your project every step of the way.


Kenashi Africa Expeditors Co. Limited’s Supply Chain Solutions combine a process driven approach with action to deliver measurable business value. This approach enhances efficiency, agility, and helps free up cash flow and save money. Our Supply Chain Solutions control tower infrastructure provides scalable and efficient supply chain management services to our customers. We use operational services that are configurable, repeatable, and proven to provide customized end-to-end supply chain services.
Our control towers offer end-to-end delivery of 3PL and 2PL services included within the
supply chain network. Our services include:

1. PO schedule, forecast and release follow-up
2. Transport planning and optimization
3. Supplier release, consolidation and carrier booking
4. Supply chain synchronization, execution and
shipment follow-up
5. Supply chain disruption management
6. 3PL payment and audit
7. Visibility, reporting and analytics
8. Performance management and continuous
improvement Implementation and support


Specializing in Same-Day Rush Deliveries
Kenashi Africa Expeditors Co. Limited offers Courier
services that are renowned for their ability to move quickly
and effectively, even at a moment’s notice. Our outstanding
dispatch coordination ensures that every courier is
focused on timely delivery, maintaining 100% accuracy, and
strictly adhering to the specific instructions of our clients.
Our couriers are uniformed and maintain a high level of
professionalism in both appearance and demeanor. We
handle jobs of all sizes efficiently and cost-effectively, with
no task being too small or too large for us to manage.

The Service
• 24 Hours/7 Days a week Availability
• Rush Deliveries
• Scheduled pick-ups and deliveries

• Shipping Documents
• Bank documents
• Large and small Parcels
• Inter City deliveries
• Fragile items
• Court Exhibit and Transfers
• Court sermons
• Food Pickup & Deliveries
• Groceries purchase and delivery
• Last Mile logistics services


Kenashi Africa Expeditors Co. Limited also provides
facilities management for large and mid-sized
companies. Our cross-trained staff can handle routine
office tasks with greater efficiency, saving you time and
money. Facilities management services may include:

• Copy, printing and imaging services
• Mail room and file room management
• Receiving and delivery operations
• Office equipment and supply management
• Document shredding
• Front Desk/Reception coverage
• Conference room prep/clean-up
• Hospitality services
• Light office moves

Sometimes clients may require extra help on a
temporary basis. Kenashi is happy to help fill in the gaps
with long- and short-term staff assignments to assist

• Copy/File Room Support
• Archival Scanning
• Front desk/Reception
• Special Projects
• Packing/Moving


As an employer, supplier, client, taxpayer, and investor with a direct or indirect impact
on tens of thousands of lives in our operations across the country, we are mindful of
the potentially significant effects of our commercial activities on broader society. We
strive at all times to exercise due care in our dealings with stakeholders, recognizing
that corporate sustainability is founded on accountability for decisions that impact
people, the planet, and profits in the long term. At Kenashi, we embrace sustainability
as a holistic business approach aimed at creating and continuously improving a
sustainable company that delivers long-term value for all our stakeholders, including
customers, employees, suppliers, and the communities in which we operate.


 Our goal is to be the premier company nationally and internationally in the fields of
supply chain, transportation, courier services, and tours and travels, earning the trust
and confidence of our customers through our strength and reliability.


 Kenashi Africa Expeditors Co. Limited is a logistics, warehousing, and transport company
based in Kenya,Zambia malawi and virtually across Africa that provides services to
industries, non-governmental organizations, corporate’s and Embassies,within East,
Northern, Central and Southern Africa Geographies and can reach virtually everywhere
in the world with speed and reliability.


Our mission statement is simple: to constantly exceed customer expectations by
providing superior supply chain, global logistics solutions, and services.

Our team of professionals is fully committed to providing you with a service that far
exceeds your expectations. We make a tremendous effort every day to deliver quality
service and are always striving to provide the most efficient and effective solutions in
the industry by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, highly trained and experienced
staff, as well as a solid infrastructure.

Our most critical mission is to provide our clients with a competitive advantage by
producing a reliable and personalized logistical support system that is consistently
dependable one hundred percent of the time. Honesty is the foundation of our
company, and our commitment to you.

We approach every customer need with utmost flexibility because we focus not on the
processes but on the end result – the proper delivery of the shipment.



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